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I really like this adorable animation. I think your music selection brings it to life, and the loop seals the deal. There needs to be more animation for me to give this a 5, because I want more of the unique scenes here. (What can I say, I'm easily amused.)

This is based and red-pilled, so I liked this animation. Needs more animation aside from the talking heads.

I might have to report this because this is kinda' too similar to the actual game, quite frankly. It's quite scary.

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This was a fun platformer to complete. I love that as you ascend, you receive more powerups. Whenever you mess up, you have an easier time getting back to where you were because of the upgrades to your jump and your speed.

Excuse time. You have to hold spacebar to extend your jump. However, this is a bit contradictory to the ledge holding mechanic. When you reach the ledge, if you were holding jump previously, you automatically jump up from the ledge. I wasn't expecting this the first time so I lost quite a bit of progress. After that, I have no other excuse other than being bad.

Tight controls and crisp sound effects make for a great platformer. I just wish there was more.

mmattugh responds:

Nice time!

Thanks for playing yo.

And I really appreciate all the feedback.

This was quite an enjoyable little experience. I love how fluid and exaggerated the animation feels. I'll definitely check out this project in the future and see how it goes. Thanks for the experience!

You know what this reminds me of? Gradius -- a primitive form, though.

The background can conflict with the foreground. Some of the enemies spawn on the very edge of the screen, and it's caused a death or two without realizing that they were there. This is more on the nitpicky side, though.

I'd say if you added more patterns, and enemy designs... possibly a new or different background, this would be a FANTASTIC minimalist game. I don't know if that's what you were going for, though. I like it a lot -- music and concept. The idea of a gem or point giver that spawns at the center of the, er, recoil, adds slightly more of a risk reward type factor, too, which I like.

jupitron responds:

Nice, ill make some changes.

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Paying my respects to what I think is the Newgrounds anthem.

(Great song!)

Hold it, pardner...

Lemme jus' inform ye of this. This here track is simply amazing. Okay, in all seriousness, I can vividly depict myself standing in a desert walking closer to a town to await for a nice, cold beer in my hand. Then, a rival walks into the saloon challenging me to a showdown, in which I say yes.

- Purpose achieved: sounds like the Old West
- All instruments are perfectly balanced
- Length, not too long/short

I can't find anything wrong with this song, but I do have a suggestion. Maybe you could make this into a loop? Perhaps it's in my taste, but seeing as how this could fit into a video game if needed, it could be even better (if that's even possible).


I'm normally not a fan of country, but this piece has given me a reason to like the genre a little more. Thanks!

ChronoNomad responds:

Thanks for reviewing and going over the positive points of the song! I would heartily agree, but modesty forbids. (;

I'm not generally a Country fan either, but this just happens to fall into the genre whether I like it or not. Still, that doesn't seem to be taking away from the level of interest, so that's good.

A loop, eh? I could probably make a decent loop out of this one if I tried. I will take your suggestion under advisement. :)


I can only imagine completing a mission or quest, and showing the stats gained after the completion. I can even see myself winning a random encounter, and this piece would play after that victory. Either way, this piece of work is epic.

- Completely original
- Suitable for the "victory" feel
- Perfect loop

- A little too short (But even then, the loop makes up for it.)


Let me put it to you this way: if I were a game developer in need of some sort of "level complete" music, I'd use this.

aribaa responds:

Sweet! I'm lovin' these reviews.

I'm lazy. If you want a quick laugh, read through my news posts and the comments.

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